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Diamond Strength
Ultra Dark With Hemp

The most pure tanning accelerator on the market is formulated with top of the line skin care and will deliver AMAZING results. Your skin will feel great and look and feel younger after tanning because this formula is rich in Shea Butter, Monoi Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Kukui Nut Oil and Tea Tree Oil. Many vitamins and minerals were added plus the high levels of Tyrosine, Unipertan and Riboflavin are second to none.

Tanning Lotion

Top Tanning Lotion
Tanning Lotion
Sun Sauce Bronzer
Bronzing Lotion w/Hemp

Age Defying, Skin Firming Bronzer with Hemp Seed Oil. The special formula found in Sun Sauce Bronzer provides maximum tanning ability, maximum hydration and a special addition of the finest natural bronzers available to give you instant results. 12oz

Tanning Lotion

Warm & Wonderful
Skin Firming Hot Tingle Lotion

Warm & Wonderful Age Defying Hot Action Lotion with Pure Hemp Seed Oil. There is only one way to make our maximum tanning ability better and we did it. We added the wonderful warmth of a tingle to this moisture rich formula. See extreme results quickly.

Tanning Lotion
Tanning Lotion
Tanning Lotion
Sparkling Accelerator
Shimmering Tanning Lotion w/Hemp

Age Defying Sparkling Accelerator. It's called sparkling because it has just a hint of sheen that will give you a movie star glow after your tan. This new acceleration formula is designed to give you maximum tanning ability while bathing your skin in rich, healing moisture. We added just a little sparkle to call extra attention to your beautiful smooth, tan skin.

Tanning Lotion
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Tanning Lotion