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Who Is Sun Sauce?

Sun Sauce is the passionate culmination of 16 years of Research and Development in the skin care arena, and the man behind the passion is Dale Hansen.   Dale Hansen’s introduction to the skin care industry began at the tender age of 5. His mother; a Merle Norman cosmetics store owner planted the seed as Hansen would frequently sit behind the counter at his mothers store and combine skin care samples for her clients.  His mother’s high standards, customer service skills, and passion for skin care set the bar for Dale.  As an adult, Dale fondly remembered his early training, his Mothers work ethic, and his growing knowledge of skincare. 

With his skin care background and an entrepreneurial spirit, Dale set out to create a skin care line that was innovative and effective.  In 1991, Dale founded his skin care company.  Hansen brought his lofty ideas to a chemist and the two began a long history of unique product development.  Today, Hansen’s company develops and manufactures their products at their private production facility.   “ By providing in-house R&D, blending, filling, and packaging, we are able to provide a specific level of high quality on every product we create” says Hansen.

“To deliver great results, you need great ingredients”. He adds.  Hansen’s Sun Sauce Research and Development team scour the world for the finest ingredients.  Sun Sauces proprietary blend of  Monoi Oil and Kukui Nut Oil, enhance the skins appearance.  Loaded with a special blend of vitamins and minerals, the Sun Sauce line also includes Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil — all essential for quality skin care. These key ingredients are artfully blended with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil.  This trio enhances the skins naturally healing ability, and provides deep moisture replenishing.

All Sun Sauce products moisturize the skin and contain anti-aging ingredients, including the All-Day Moisturizer with Hemp, the All-Day Moisturizer with a Touch of Sunless and the Facial Recognition cream. “We have worked very hard with this line to develop a product that really helps your skin achieve a more youthful appearance,” Hansen explained. “Anti-aging in our definition is delivering a product that replenishes your skins lost and needed moisture, elasticity, vitamins and minerals. “Our blends utilize science and experience to actually help your skin rejuvenate itself and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

He said the Facial Recognition cream has been met with rave reviews.  The product provides excellent visible results, and leaves the skin silky and smooth — not heavy or greasy — with superior absorption.

Adding sunless tanning ingredients to one of the All-Day Moisturizers is not just for show.  Many people believe they look healthier and more vibrant with a nice tan. “Our moisturizer with a touch of sunless is very nice because it addresses skin care first, while simultaneously providing a wonderfully decadent, silky smooth and very light moisturizing lotion with a hint of color,” he said. “My most frequently asked question about this product is ‘Do I have to worry about streaking?’ The answer is no, our proprietary blend offers a ‘touch’ of sunless not sunless. Every time you apply this great lotion you are actually enhancing your tan and magnifying your skin’s natural beauty. It will not stain your hands.”

And what is the different between Sun Sauce Sunless Lotion and Sunless Bronzer and other UV-free products on the market? “They work!” Hansen said. “Most of the sunless products you find on the market have end results from orange to ‘near’ tan. Our lotion gives you excellent color, a nice dark tan that looks natural. Our sunless is ultra easy to apply and is silky smooth. Unlike so many sunless products on the market, our sunless lotion moisturizes instead of drying the skin.”

“In fact, we are so confident that you will love our artfully blended Sun Sauce products we
guarantee it”  He adds.
Great ingredients, great results, it’s guaranteed. Sun Sauce; doing something nice for the skin you’re in. 

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