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Be Tan, Be Happy

Studies indicate that Americans are working more and vacationing less.  The average individual takes just 4 non-holiday vacation days per year.  Our all work and no play lifestyles have taken its toll as stress related illness and clinical depression numbers continue to rise.  Add the financial pressure of credit card debt, adjustable mortgages and the growing costs of life courtesy of high fuel prices and this volatile cocktail can certainly squeeze every ounce of joy from your existence if you let it. 

If what your doing today isn’t working, chances are doing the same thing tomorrow wont work either.  Make a change.  Our perceptions become our realty’s, and it all starts with how we feel.  If we feel lousy, then life can be lousy.  If we feel great, then life can be great.  It all starts and ends in our minds and with our perception of events and self.  So if we want to make a positive change in our lives, it only makes sense to begin with a positive change in our events or ourselves.  

Changing the way we feel requires some effort.  Making a list of life issues that are enslaving you can be a freeing experience.  It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch; in the same way it only takes one troubled area in your life to make it all feel troubled.  Isolate the good stuff from the bad stuff and keep things in there proper perspective.   Make changes that diminish or remove the bad stuff on your list and proactively add good things and keep them safe.  Remember to stay focused on things that you have control over, these are easier to change.

Begin the day with a winning attitude even if you don’t feel it.  Speak positively over   yourself and take one single step to improve your appearance.  When you step in front of the mirror don’t focus on the negative, focus on the positive opportunities for change. 

One simple beauty secret that delivers big immediate results is DHA self-tanning.  Self-tanners are available in crèmes, gels, lotions and sprays.  One fine example is the Sun Sauce line of bronzers.  Sun Sauce’s “touch of sunless” is a wonderfully moisturizing bronzer that delivers an extraordinary natural tan.  This lotion is easy to apply and offers instant and long-lasting results.  A sunless tan is the most instantaneous and cost effective self-improvement cosmetic enhancement available.  

Improving your appearance improves your self-esteem.  Improving your self-esteem improves your outlook, and improving your outlook changes the way you feel.   Having a positive attitude attracts positive change.  Take one little step forward each day and recapture your joy.  Be happy, be tan.

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