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Sun Sauce is Skin Food!!

Scientists estimate that up to 60% of a humans body is composed of good old H20.
To give you an idea of waters human significance, 70% of our brain matter is water, 90% of our lungs are water, and 83% of our blood is water.  To keep the literal pumps primed, an average person needs approximately 2.4 liters of water per day to stay hydrated and to remain vertical.   

Each cell of our living, breathing being requires water to perform efficiently in the complex delivery of minerals and nutrients that keep the wheels turning.   The skin (the bodies largest living organ) is a clever cellular wrapper that’s main purpose is to protect and preserve our more vulnerable parts and keep the bad stuff out, but in the grand scheme of things well hydrated skin not only protects, but it can be beautify; the perfect balance of style and function.    

Primarily, we crave and consume water for shear survival but through a series of miraculous processes it delivers moisture rich goodness to all parts of our bodies when it functions properly.  Thankfully the body has built in overflow devices for excess internal moisture.  But, sometimes when the outer shell of the body is stressed or exposed to harsh environments like UV rays and pollution the skin rapidly loses moisture and dehydrates the skin causing the body to try and compensate by stealing moisture from other locations...  Under many circumstances daily moisturizers offer an easy insurance policy to assist in providing moisture to the skin in the daily battle of the elements.

So dry skin can be more then just “skin deep”.  Damage your protective layer and it has consequences.  The signs range from premature aging and illness to the loss of cellular elasticity.   Repeated damage done to the skin can have irreversible affects.   A daily moisturizer can help reduce the harsh affects of the environment and provide a non-medical straightforward approach to assisting with topical hydration. 

There are plenty of so-called water based moisturizers out there, but of the many only a few truly shine.  Sun Sauce daily moisturizer is a product that shines brightly.  If you are looking for a completely natural approach to hydration, Sun Sauce products are filled to the brim with aloe vera, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and essential amino acids.  “Skin food” as Dale Hansen founder of Sun Sauce calls his products.  “For over 17 years, we have developed quality skin care products for our clients.  It’s what we do best,” he adds.

If your looking for a line of products that offer 100% natural high quality ingredients, impressive results, and a personal commitment to quality skin care by it’s master blender then Sun Sauce products are worthy of a spin on your skin. 

“The best defense is a good offense”  Anonymous



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