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Sun Sauce Meets a Beautiful Stranger


Houston,  TX -- When it comes to cutting-edge fashion, hip consumer trends, and smoking hot  products, New York City is without challenge the greatest incubator, litmus test,  and launch pad for all things that are, and will be, it. A stew of art, fashion, and consumption that collide in one bustling Mecca to forge the way we look, feel, perceive and live today and tomorrow.
    What  truly makes NYC unique is its people, its “fashion from the streets” approach  to trend setting. No other human palette in the world provides the culmination of consumer vibration that New York City brings to the global table. To chronicle the creation, evolution, and globalization of current and future trends straight out of NYC, Beautiful Stranger.TV goes directly to the people of New York to gather information on what’s really trending  in the Big Apple. 
Beautiful Stranger.TV is a lifestyle destination online that provides real information and perspective on fashion, trends, products, and people in NYC. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to following and reporting on trends, Beautiful Stranger.TV, through it's on-the-street sampling program, places innovative products in the hands of its Beautiful Strangers.

  As Beautiful sets out to produce its next round of programming, Sun Sauce products will be among the first to be included in the Beautiful Stranger.TV gift bags. Sun Sauce is a premier skin care line that features DHA sunless tanners, daily moisturizers, and anti -aging skincare products for all types of skin.
     Sun  Sauce skin care products are available through select retailers, or contact the manufacture  toll free at 800.275.2855


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