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Sun Sauce Moisturizer with a Touch of Sunless

HOUSTON, TX - Did you know that having a tan body could actually improve your self-esteem, and help you appear thinner?   It’s a fact, and when you look better, you feel better too!   Need a little confidence boost?  Leaner look?  Touch of color?

Look no further.

Time is today’s currency, and conventional tanning requires an ongoing commitment of time and resources.  Alas, there is finally an easier and more efficient way to achieve that natural glow; without the sun.  If you love the appearance of a tan, but don’t have the time, patience, or budget, Sun Sauce products offer a remarkably innovative, effective new approach to gentle color and succulent moisturization.

Apply Sun Sauce like any other daily moisturizer, and you can achieve that “I just got back from Cancun look” with our new Sun Sauce “Touch of Sunless” moisturizer.  Bathe your body with an intense age defying, anti wrinkle moisturizer and discover our proprietary blend of art and science, which offers a unique kiss of color.  It might be called a “Touch of Sunless” but it is really a super natural UV free tanning experience that not only looks and feels exquisite on your skin, but rejuvenates and makes your skin feel fresh and happy.

Sun Sauce is scientifically formulated to promote silky smooth, vitamin-enriched skin.  Cruelty free, our “touch of color” organic blend provides a wonderful one-two punch of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and sunless technology.  Do your skin a favor.  Call now and order our generous 18 oz. bottle for only $20.  Available in fine retail locations, or direct from the master blender.  800.795.9520

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